It can be so easy to launch a social media account and after a while find you’re not posting regularly or you’re running out of content ideas. But hiring a social media manager to take it all off your hands may be beyond your budget.

A mentoring package is a really good compromise – regular monthly or bi-monthly one hour meetings to set goals and to content plan for the period going forward.

I can

  • suggest content ideas

  • show you and explain new features on the platforms you use

  • suggest updates to your hashtag library

  • answer your questions and brainstorm ideas with you

A mentoring package gives you the structure and the accountability to keep you on track, ensuring you’re using your platforms consistently, which is so key for success.

Prices start at £100 per month or £1,000 for a year. Minimum 3 months.
To discuss and book in, get in touch!

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