Join me on Monday 11th October 10am-11.30am for a FREE Instagram Live Workshop & Experience! I’m delighted to make you this offer as part of the #OverJoyedOctober Instagram Event organised by the #SmallBusinessHuddle.

Whether you’ve never joined an Instagram Live before, or you have but have never dared to try out the features, I’m offering a small group of you the opportunity to look around, experiment and tap those mysterious icons so you can test out what they do!  All of us feel nervous tapping an icon on an Instagram Live – “What if it all goes wrong?” “What if I ruin it for everyone?” “What if I suddenly appear on the Live?” The only way to find out is to go ahead and tap, during a Live. But many of us feel it’s safer not to!

To help you feel comfortable on a Live I’m giving 9 of you the opportunity to attend a FREE Instagram Live experience! We’ll start with a half hour workshop via Zoom, to go through all the features and to understand why watching and especially engaging on Instagram Lives is beneficial for your business. And we’ll talk about not just watching and engaging but also speaking on a Live as a guest.

We’ll then pop over to Instagram where I’ll host a Live – you’ll join it, test out the icons to see what they do and then I very much encourage you to join as a guest and say a few words, so you have the experience of doing so. This will be as safe a space as I can make it and I will guide you and encourage you. To be clear, the Live will be public (there’s no other way!) but you’ll be with me and the people you’ve already met on Zoom. If people outside the group turn up to watch I’ll explain we’re just experimenting (NB I’ve picked a time when I believe other people are less likely to watch!). The Live will NOT be saved to my camera roll, recorded or saved to IGTV. I may take a few screenshots if you agree and I will ask you all individually and privately on the form below. Your answer will not affect whether you get a place on this workshop. It’s first come first served.

Why only 9 people? Because when I host the Live up to 3 people at a time can appear with me (the other 6 will be watching), so I’ll host 3 rounds of 3 guests. In total the Live will be around half an hour.

Once we’ve finished the Instagram Live session you’re invited to rejoin the Zoom session if you’d like to discuss the experience, and how you might use the features you’ve discovered going forwards.

This is a golden opportunity to try out joining a Live with support and to have the freedom to experiment safely! 

To book your FREE spot just fill in the form below! If you’d like to make a donation to one of my favourite local good cause, Get Rid of It and Donate there’ll be a link in your confirmation email.


Unfortunately this Workshop is now FULL. Please get in touch if you'd be interested in a future workshop.