May Offer graphic on dark blue background with the words A half price Instagram or Twitter Audit with a follow up 1:1 session


This offer has now SOLD OUT! If you’d like an Audit & Follow up please get in touch. There is more information on this service here.


Whether you’re new to social media or have been on for a while it’s a great idea to have a social media consultant carry out an Audit of your account at least once a year. 

For the #MayTheJoyBeWithYou Instagram Event I’m delighted to offer 5 people a half price Audit which includes a thorough Audit report of your Instagram or Twitter account plus a one hour 1:1 follow up session.

I am also offering a FREE Audit to a small charity in South London – anyone interested should get in touch with the charity number and a short description of who or what the charity supports. I will then select one.

I’ll be looking at all aspects of your account:
  • Your bio
  • Your posts – content, consistency, captions and engagement
  • Your hashtags
  • Platform features you’re using and the ones you’re not
  • Suggestions of content ideas
  • Suggestions to improve engagement
  • I can look at any area that is of particular concern to you.

We’ll then book a one hour 1:1 follow-up where we can go through the audit, you can ask questions and we can brainstorm.

To book your Audit and follow up for £100 instead of the usual £200 please fill in the form below, then click the big red button for the payment page.

May Platform Audit & Follow-up