Following the success of my March Reels Workshop, I’m holding this event again on Friday 8th July 10am-12 noon via Zoom. Plus I’m offering you support through to 17th July via Instagram DMs This way you can ask me questions as you venture into making your own Reels!

Everyone on Instagram is talking about Reels – they enjoy a lot of reach, they’re popular with audiences and a fantastic way to promote your business.

Reels are a great way to create short-form video that’s easily absorbed by your audience.
But I know some people feel they’ve missed the boat. That’s simply not true, it’s never too late to learn an Instagram feature and decide how you could use it strategically for your business. There’s absolutely no need to point or dance – we’ll be discussing the importance of doing it your way. Your Reels could be educational, informative, even calming for your audience. If you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of producing Reels or you’re stuck for Reels content ideas, this is the workshop for you!
My Reels Workshop will show you:
  • what Reels are
  • how they can fit into your Instagram strategy
  • step by step how to create Reels
  • ideas (beyond pointing or dancing!) to create Reels for your business
  • the latest Reels features Instagram is offering (plenty are new since my March workshop!)
After the workshop you’ll receive a recording you can refer back to.  I’ll also include you in an Instagram Chat group for one week, which you can use to ask me Questions and exchange ideas. And of course I’ll share your Reels in my Stories to further increase their reach!
To book your place for £49 (the Workshop on 8th July 10am – 12 noon plus the follow-up week’s support) please fill in the form below, then click the big red button for the payment page. 

July Reel Deal

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